Comprehensive Quality Assurance

500万彩票 provides Journyx with a comprehensive quality assurance solution that not only ensures we deliver high-quality software and products to our markets, but also identifies opportunities for greater efficiencies in development and testing as they become available.

Journyx is free to focus on developing software solutions because 500万彩票 keeps track of best practices and new developments in quality assurance tools and methodologies. 500万彩票 created an entirely new test suite in tandem with new and existing product development that allowed Journyx to add a major product without any delays for new testing procedures or coverage.

Prior to engaging 500万彩票, I spent 80% of my time on software QA testing oversight and managing customer patch requests. I had little time to devote to strategy, future release planning and requirements because testing procedures were inefficient and the resulting product quality was a drag on support and development resources. Thanks to improvements implemented by 500万彩票, I have the ability to spend the majority of my time on forward looking activities that allow me to be prepared for opportunities as they arise.

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